Why Burnout is not the End.

Avoid teacher burnout.

Day 4 of the challenge and we are asked to write a story post. Stories are the lifeblood of English teachers so there was not a shortage of possibilities. Once again I was tempted to take the easy road and talk about one of the many magic moments that I experienced over the 25+ years of my teaching career. There are many. However there is a story that may resonate … Read More

Sharing is Easier with Chrome.

Chrome for collaboration

Here I am again. This 3rd post in the challenge is to be a review post. What to review posed a challenge in itself. My first thought was to review school based PD offerings but that needs a much fuller treatment than I can do today. I have been reading and researching a fair bit about PD’s and plan to write about it in more detail at a later date. … Read More

4 Essential Activities for an English Teacher.

Things English teachers must do.

No matter how much information we have sometimes it is hard to get into a good writing routine. So this week I am taking the plunge and have signed up for a 7 day blogging challenge. Darren Rouse over at ProBlogger is running this. I like Darren, he is an Aussie guy who lives in Melbourne like me. Darren was one of the early embracers of the online world and … Read More

Please – No More Chapter Questions!

Keep English interesting.

Nothing is more surely designed to drown any flickering student interest in a book than chapter questions. Honestly, if there is a good reason why we still do this it is beyond my comprehension. And this is the point isn’t it?  Comprehension. I have always loved to read, and it is no secret that English was my favourite subject at school.  Not much has changed really. I still love to … Read More

The Reasons I hate Book-Hire Schemes for English

No more Book Hire Please.

When it comes to text books for many subjects, hire-book schemes can be really helpful. Many of these books are expensive to buy and as they are used year after year it makes sense to ensure that all students have access. However I think they are deadly for English classes. Here are some of the reasons. Good English teachers do not teach from ‘text-books’ as such. They teach from texts. … Read More

How to Manage the ‘END.’

End of Semester workloads.

This is always a strange time of year for me. Colleagues in the Northern hemisphere are in the process of winding down and preparing for their long break, while down here in the Southern regions teachers are up to their eyeballs in the busiest time of their year. Emails, FB posts and Tweets can leave my head spinning as I try to work out which messages come from where. You … Read More

Framing the moment.

I was reading Frederick Buechner this morning and he was talking about Art. All Art, not just the visual. As an author, he was talking most about literature and its ability to take a simple event or action and frame it in such a way that we actually notice it. The main example he used was the Japanese haiku by Basho about the frog.