For Teachers -The Times They Are A Changin.

Teachers and change

Why teachers didn’t get a mention in Bob Dylan’s 1964 hit song is a mystery to me. Writers, parents and politicians are mentioned and of course they are important, but surely great teachers are significant instruments of change. That teaching as a profession has changed in the decades since the tumultuous 60s is undeniable. Like all change, some has been good, some not so much. Some change even seems contradictory. … Read More

Where Are They Now?

Teaching is for the long-term

One of my earliest Facebook memories was receiving a friend request from a past student. A wonderful message followed thanking me for being the teacher I was. I won’t brag and go into details, but we don’t get this feedback often and when it comes it is treasured. It helps so much when we are beginning to doubt we are making a difference. And we all feel that from time … Read More